The weight of closure


Have you ever felt weighted down, physically and energetically, by the sheer mass of a situation in your life?

It can feel like a ball and chain tied to your body, never ever giving you the freedom you know you both need and deserve to move forward with your life. It’s heavy, exhausting and debilitating. Sound familiar?ball and chain

This has been my life for nearly the past three and a half years, and now I can finally talk about it. So here is my story, which I’ve not been able to truly share openly until now (for reasons that will be revealed below).

On a Friday in November 2013, I came off a horse (who spooked) in a dressage lesson, hitting my head on the ground, with my helmet on, and hard. Lying on my back on the ground, I heard my friend and trainer yell across the arena, “Don’t move!”…

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